Investigation System

Security and efficiency at correctional institutions require advanced methods of organizing and communicating all types of information. Advanced Technologies Group’s (ATG) comprehensive cloud enabled Investigation System (IS) provides correctional agencies with the means to store, analyze and disseminate the massive amounts of data collected in institutions every day. Our IS replaces outdated methods of recordkeeping with a streamlined, highly-automated system that manages data in all of the following areas:

  • Security Threat Group membership and roles
  • Managing and protecting Confidential Informants
  • Incidents Reporting and Tracking
  • PREA and Use of Force documentation
  • Evidence items and subpoenas for these items
  • Mechanism to collect General Intelligence
  • Cases (Investigative and non-investigative)
  • Referrals of cases and incidents to other agencies
  • Breathalyzer and Urinalysis management

Easy-to-use data entry screens ensure that collected information is both sufficiently detailed and uniform in structure. As soon as data is added to IS, it is instantly available to all authorized staff. These elements facilitate better information-sharing across the entire agency.