Inmate Enablement

A key component in successfully reducing recidivism is to ensure that inmates are better prepared to assimilate into the society when they are released. Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) has developed a cloud enabled Inmate Enablement platform, a multi-faceted system that provides inmates with tools that will prove vital to their transition back into society. These tools not only expose inmates to living and work skills utilized in today’s world, but also facilitate self-management skills that will prove important as they reintegrate into society.

Our Inmate Enablement platform allows offenders to electronically manage various aspects of their lives. This includes managing outgoing payments and account balances, communicating with family, friends and institutional staff, and accessing an electronic law library, the electronic media store and electronic messaging. This platform provides inmates with an opportunity to learn computer and keyboarding skills and keep up with technological trends, which make them more desirable to future employers upon release.

At the same time, the Inmate Enablement platform helps the Department of Corrections (DOC) become more efficient. As inmates become more proficient at using computers, they are able to look up much of the information that they previously requested of staff. Additionally, this reduces the amount of printed material that needs to be distributed. The system also enables staff to proactively gather information such as electronic surveys, grievance processing and commissary orders. Finally, the Inmate Enablement program has been remarkably successful at gainfully occupying inmate time.