Inmate Telephone System

Advanced Technologies Group’s (ATG) cloud enabled Inmate Telephone System (ITS) is designed to provide the Department of Corrections (DOC) with a scalable, robust and secure platform. The system uses the latest technology and features to provide flexibility and consistency. With support for pre-paid collect and debit calling, the system allows the DOC to control costs and maximize revenue. ITS supports lockbox operations and links to inmate trust funds and commissary systems to support money collection and management.

ITS architecture significantly reduces operational costs by enabling the agency to centrally set control parameters and allowing institutions to modify rules within the centralized parameters and controls. The system includes a wide array of reports to manage the operations at an institutional and agency level.  The ITS software interfaces with many different hardware PBX platforms.  The agency can choose different hardware providers to manage the telephony processes, and use ITS to impose the agency’s business rules on the PBX hardware.